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    Borla Performance Industries has once again proven mt4 roboforex why they have led the aftermarket performance exhaust industry for over 26 years. BORLA has an exalted heritage with Chevrolet performance vehicles. From the C5R LeMans winning Corvettes to privateers like KTEC, Pratt-Miller, Lingenfelter and Lou Gigliotti who have enhanced BORLA’s knowledge of both the vehicle dynamics and the power-plant engineering. The new C6 is a muscle car with a big powerful engine on a sophisticated, sexy chassis. BORLA has always used the transfer of technology from racing to the street as a tool, and the C6 plays right into that wheelhouse. With an experienced R&D; staff, the BORLA team has given the Chevrolet mark the attention it deserves by rolling out several new systems for the Corvette C-6. Airflow management and exhaust engineering is a science with which BORLA has more experience than anyone in the exhaust aftermarket.

    In responding to requests from our Borla's customers, BORLA announces a new Touring Line for the Corvette C6 incorporating the great BORLA race-bred straight through flow with a less aggressive, mellow, but powerful sound. The performance matches the famous BORLA systems of the past, but use of unique muffler and exhaust configuration cancel additional high frequency sound waves. The accumulation of this system is a powerful sound that isn’t offensive. The systems are than the factory and include a RoboForex X- pipe (also sold separately as part #60089) after the factory cats.
    The BORLA system flows a full 300cfm more than the factory system which, as most engine builders will confirm, accounts for the significant power improvements. Perhaps more importantly, this flow will also improve performance for other enhancements because all BORLA exhausts are tuned for maximum output from any aftermarket performance upgrade.